Finding a good deal to enjoy an exciting weekend break or extended holiday takes time and patience, but the rewards definitely make it worthwhile. Everyone loves to boast to friends and family about an action-packed weekend or an amazing trip they’ve experienced.

Whether it’s a city break just a train’s ride away, a luxurious retreat, a family day out to entertain the kids or a new find just around the corner, we all want to learn new ways to see and do lovely things without breaking the bank.


Live like the other half live

Luxury hotel rooms are great, but feeling like you’re lord or lady of the manor for a week or weekend is tough to beat. Check out renting a luxurious villa or a private home from companies such as Airbnb.  You’ll be amazed at the incredible accommodation you can find. Why not book a trip away with a group of friends and share the cost of a night in a country manor, or a city center penthouse apartment? Some rental sites even allow you to book private catering as part of the package so you can really live it up in style for a weekend without spending a fortune.


Valuable lounging time

Paying for an airport lounge may go against the grain, but it’s a surprisingly great way to get fantastic value for money while you wait for your flight in style. It varies at each airport, but for around $45 per person you can relax away from the hubbub of the busy airport terminal while enjoying newspapers and magazines, snacks and unlimited hot and cold drinks (sometimes even alcoholic beverages).



Enjoy a taste of luxury

Many of us take the cities and towns on our doorstep for granted and always look abroad when planning a weekend trip. With a little bit of planning, you can have a glamourous treat-filled weekend that will have you boasting to all who will listen on Monday morning. Get out on the water. We may live in a country full of beautiful canals, oceans and waterways, but we often forget to think about getting out and about by boat when making our weekend plans. Booking a mini cruise or hiring a boat with a group of friends can be a really cost effective, but stylish way to enjoy the great outdoors. Search online to find some great deals. Splitting the cost between a group of friends, lowers the cost and is economical way to enjoy a fantastic day out together. So sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery without breaking the bank.



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